Beauty is indeed more than skin deep…

Beauty is indeed more than skin deep… it extends beyond an individual. What you choose to put on your skin affects not just you, but the entire eco-system in which we live in, from the way the ingredients are sourced or manufactured, to how the end products reach you, right down to the manner in which they are disposed.

In today’s fast-paced world where instant results are expected, have you paused to think – at what cost? How are the chemical-laden beauty products affecting your own health and the environment in the long run? Sure, it is great to use a product that promises to get rid of that zit overnight, but what are the super efficient and strong (read: harsh) components doing to your body? What are the effects on the environment? Is there a better alternative?

At Love Organic, we believe there is. We believe that beauty and optimum skin health can be attained without harming your own body and the environment. We believe Mother Nature has already provided all that we need – pure, natural solutions that protect, heal and nourish your skin, and conserves the environment at the same time. And the premium gifts of Nature should not come at a premium price tag affordable by some only.




Love Organic was borne out of this conviction. We seek to:

  1. Educate and create greater awareness of the benefits of natural and organic products, both to the individual and to the environment at large
  2. Provide a carefully-curated offering of authentic, natural and organic brands that work for you
  3. Provide greater access for the general consumer at accessible price points
  4. Create a community of like-minded people to exchange ideas and grow together in the journey to make the world a better place

Make your choices count today. We invite you to take that journey with us – discover for yourself natural solutions that work, share with us your personal experiences and questions, and together, let’s learn to make socially-responsible choices, one person at a time.


Love Organic is founded on the following guiding principles;

  • Integrity – being open and honest in our dealings with all partners
  • Respect – for the individual, animals and the environment for mutually beneficial and sustainable co- existence
  • Empowerment – to empower individuals, partners and customers with the necessary knowledge so as to make correct, informed choices